A guide to using Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office has been of much use to modern companies both small and large. It has been beneficial in many ways. Microsoft has been subjected to more updates as the years go by. The updates are very important to in making Microsoft office more reliable. Users can now tackle more technical issues without any problem. Unfortunately, not everyone is conversant with how to use Microsoft Office. For that reason, they are unable to use this application to tackle various issues on their computers.

Office applications can be used to tackle various activities on your computer. Some of the things you can do include organizing your own personal email, writing letters and own finances. This is an activity that will help you conduct your day to day operations. In addition, you can come up with documents, edit spreadsheets in order to make informative presentations. Microsoft office has a simple user interface that makes it easier for newbies to use it.

Taking a practice or course will give you information on how to use Microsoft Office. You will also enhance your computer skills which are very vital in the execution of tasks on your computer. Excellent skills in Microsoft office can help in adding great aesthetic value to our resume. This confirms the relevance of being well-versed with Microsoft office.

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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Comes with several applications. The applications are very reliable since they come in handy in dealing with various tasks on your computer. Those office applications have been designed by great experts to ensure you have a nice experience using them. The Microsoft Office Applications you can make use of include:


Microsoft Word

This is simply a word processing application for Mac and Windows Operating System. It allows you to do various tasks such as creating documents, editing, aligning them among many more others.


Microsoft PowerPoint

This is a presentation program for both Mac and Windows operating system. The application allows you to make some amazing presentation of your assignment and documents. You will find great fun using it.


Microsoft Excel

A reliable Spreadsheet program that comes with graphics tools, calculations, programming language support and pivot tables for Mac and Windows Operating Systems.


Microsoft InfoPath

This program helps users in designing, distribution, completion and submitting electronic forms.

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Allows you to send and receive instant messages. You can also conduct video calls with your clients.

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Microsoft Access

It offers reliable database management systems for Windows.

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Microsoft Publisher

A publishing program found in the Windows Operating System.

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Microsoft Outlook

This program provides great email solutions for both Mac and Windows Operating Systems.


Microsoft OneNote

It allows you to make your short notes. However, it is present on the Windows Operating System.

How to sign in to a Microsoft Account

In order to have a great experience with office.com, you need to have a Microsoft Account. You can also sign in with a school or work account. It depends on your needs and the tasks that you intend to undertake.

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Working Online

Microsoft Office allows you to work online without any problem. First you need to visit Microsoft office.com/setup where you will be able to access the office program. You will be able to switch from one service to another available in Microsoft App Launcher. The services allow you to:

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Not only create but also share office documents online. You just have to make the most out of OneNote Online, PowerPoint online, Excel Online and Word Online).

Store, Open and share files online through OneDrive.

Send and also receive emails through Outlook.Com

Maintaining your online Calendar through the Calendar Program

Save and monitor your contacts on the People Program

Templates.office.com offers several templates with quality designs. The designs will help you create quality photo albums, school project, invoice, budget, calendar, flyer, and related documents. All these activities you can work on them online. Also, you can open documents saved on OneDrive and begin working on them.

How to use Microsoft Office

There are a number of essentials you need to have in order to use Microsoft Office. The factors include the following:



Microsoft Office offers an easier way of executing several important tasks on your computer. It comes with various programs that will help you do different activities. You can also create documents, edit and save them online. In that connection, you will need to visit office.com. There you will be required to create an account that will grant you permission to accessing various office application. Microsoft office prides itself in having a great interface, which even beginners will find it easy to use it. Make haste and start using Microsoft office on MacBook or windows computer. There are a lot of programs for you to take advantage of.