Microsoft Office has been undergoing chances ever since it was developed. Its latest update is Microsoft Office 365. This suite is very distinct from other Microsoft Office versions. You will see the difference once you start using it. It is also priced differently from other versions. The changes that have been made on Microsoft Office 365 are very positive. For that reason, this version has been preferred by many users who want to do some great editing. You can have this version on your computer and start enjoying all its products. However, there is a catch. You just cannot go purchasing this office version hurriedly. You need to know more about this Microsoft Office version. Knowledge about Office 365 will enable you to use it without any problem. For instance, you have to be conversant with some of the things you will enjoy when using it. Here are some of the things you are set to take advantage of:

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The Things you
need to learn
about Microsoft
Office 365

As said earlier, Microsoft Office 365 is very different from other versions. It has undergone significant changes just to ensure users are satisfied with the functions it has to offer. As a result, you really need to know how it works and what it has to offer. You can even enroll in Microsoft Office study programme and learn about how this new version works. Below are some of the things you need to learn about the current version of Microsoft Office:

Price and Subscriptions

Usually, it is sold through the subscription plan. You are expected to pay $99 every year for you to install it. This is very different from other Microsoft office versions. The other versions can be sold as perpetual licenses.


Microsoft Office 365 comes with a number of updated applications. You will be served with the following applications Access, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

Applications to be installed

You have to install the whole Microsoft Office 365 with all its applications. This is the only way you will have a great experience using this Microsoft Office version. You will have applications that will help you solve various issues.

Comes with 27GB extra Cloud Storage

With this Microsoft Office version, storage is never an issue. It integrates well with SkyDrive hence giving you additional 27GB cloud storage space. Use this feature to save more of your work.


Using Skype on Office 365 is worthwhile. You can be awarded free 60 skype minutes every month. You can call to landline supported countries free of charge. If it is Skype to Skype, you will also not be charged to make calls. Just ensure you have a stable internet connection.

Works well on touch screen devices

You can use it on touch screen devices such as laptops, and tablets and. These devices should be able to support Windows 8.

Operating Systems

There are certain operating systems that can support these Microsoft Office versions. These operating systems include Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS X. Only those will allow you to use office 365.


Office 365 has brought new features and advantages to its users. It has undergone significant changes to ensure easier execution of tasks. Users can attest to the various benefits that accrue from using this Microsoft office version. Definitely, it is one of a kind. However, prior to purchasing it, you have to understand how it works,.You can either learn about it yourself through tutorials, enroll for a course in that field or just hire an expert to teach you. Knowing how to use Office 365 will enable you to utilize all the tools it has to offer. The Microsoft tools are very important especially when it comes to doing various activities on your computer. You can generate spreadsheets, make notes, create documents, save and store them without any problem, You can also integrate the use of Microsoft Office 365 into your business. For example, you can capitalize on Skype for business to make calls to your clients. This program is fast and will save you a lot of time. Make sure you make the most out of this Microsoft office version in a bid to enhance your business. It is always worth the effort.