If you are confused which to install, then you need to learn about the basic benefits of Office 365. The rising trend towards shifting away from traditional email environments to Microsoft Office 365 UK is altering the way the business work.

Benefits of Office 365 UK

  • Flexible working

It lets you work anytime, anywhere and from any device. By migrating to Office 365 UK, you can allow your employees to view and work on company documents even when they are away from the office. It eliminates the need for setting up VPNs and saves a lot of time. As it moves the documents to the cloud, it is possible for your employees to work anywhere. They only need to have an internet connection. It is the best option for developing companies so that they can enjoy greater productivity and offer flexible working opportunities for employees.

The entire files will be centrally stored in the Microsoft data centre- it is a distinct data source. For example, if you are editing the document atthe home, it is possible for your colleague to see the changes in the office. They can see up-to-date files at any time.

  • Business remains secure

Office 365 UK comes with numerous security features and makes sure your business remains safe in the cloud. It is possible to access the applications through SSL/TSL encryption. When the files or communications are viewed by someone or an unauthorized person, they would not be able to view. Some of the top security features of Office 365 UK includes:

  1. Latest antivirus signatures
  2. Email protection with antivirus and anti-spam filtering software
  3. Microsoft trustworthy calculating safety measures
  • Instant access and upgrades to the latest features

As discussed earlier, Microsoft is dedicated to confirming that your company remains safe in the cloud. It offers instant updates for entire Office 365 solutions. This way, you can avoid going through a continuous cycle of physically updating the software. You can also remain confident that your network and system is not prone to be negotiated by those viewing to exploit previous software solutions.

  • Larger mailbox storage

It offers the employees a chance to store their files and emails they receive safe in the cloud. Office 365 UK has a large storage capacity. It is possible to access and automate the complete backup process with the help of network specialists.

  • Built-in data compliance and security

As GDPR is in full force, it is important to ensure that your company is data compliant. It is the best choice to use Office 365 as it is certified as acquiescent with prestigious ISO 27001 standards, accomplished the EU Safe Harbor hallmark, completed SAS70 Type II and I audits- permitting you to rest with confidence that your company is acquiescent with data regulations. One of the best features of Office 365 is you can know who has accessed the data, who owns the access and where your data is located.

  • Improved communication

Office 365 provides users with tools to maintain communication straightforward and centralized across Outlook and Skype.

  • Mobile support

Offers your employees the freedom to work remotely and at the same time enjoy all the features of Office 365 app across various devices and from any location.

  • Centralized collaboration

Share contacts, calendars, mailboxes, and edit document live through the partnership tools offered by Office 365.

  • Office apps

All the necessary apps like Outlook, Excel, and Word are included and you can work online without requiring to install new software.

  • Business continuity

It is possible for your company or organization to function as usual even in case of catastrophe or disaster affecting your company.

Office 365 provides an online version of some of the famous tools like OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. For any type of business, the choice of features offered by Office 365 remains matchless.

Microsoft Office 365 Home versus Office 365 Personal

Office 365 is a payment based productivity application which offers access to several Microsoft software and services. It was launched seven years ago. Microsoft offers regular improvements and updates to the cloud-supported suite. The monthly subscription plan provided for Office 365 remains suitable and easy for businesses to purchase a plan that is appropriate and continue to function as usual.

benefits of 365

Microsoft Office 365 Home is the recent launch that is also referred to as Home Premium. It provides access to Publisher, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Word and also 20GB limit of OneDrive Storage. Another best advantage of obtaining Microsoft Office 365 Homefree Skype calls. It is possible to make unlimited calls to sixty countries per month. Microsoft Office 365 Home apps can be setup to five Macs or PCs and five tablets.

Another latest application provided by Microsoft is Office 365 Personal. It has the same storage space and offers access to apps like Microsoft Office 365 Home. The only change you will be seeing in Office 365 Personal is it can be setup in one Mac or PC and one iPad or tablet. As Office 365 Personal can be installed in a single device, the cost of the monthly package is much cheaper than the Office 365 Home version.

Microsoft offers several other advanced monthly packages that are targeted at businesses which include Lync, SharePoint, and Exchange. If you are thinking to purchase the Office 365 monthly subscription plan (you have options like monthly and yearly plans) to use Powerpoint, Excel, Word and other famous Office Apps for personal use or for your family members, then you need to select between two options- Office 365 Personal or Office 365 Home.

It is recommended to start or trial use Office 365 Personal for a few months. Once you get used to the features and all the Office App, you can consider making use of Office 365 Home. If you are a person who has plans to give access to employees and family members, you need to select Office 365 Home. It completely depends upon your requirement, budget and number of users.