Office 365 is the online service cloud-based subscriptions presented by Microsoft. The service comprises of many products and can be managed and framed through online. Microsoft Office 365 ensures that you are up to date with the latest productivity tool. Office 365 has plans for personal and home use and for schools, small and medium businesses and large endeavors.

Office 365 Personal

The Microsoft Office 365 Personal includes desktop applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It also comes with additional online storage and features from cloud connection that lets you associate and link on files in no time. The subscription of office 365 personal provides you with the latest features, security, and fixes at no cost.

The Microsoft Office 365 Personal is available for PC, Mac, Apple iOS and Android that gives you complete access to documents anytime anywhere when linked to the internet. It can be installed and works in all types of computers making it very easy and convenient for the users. Office 365 Personal can work over multiple devices like one can start a document in one place and continue and finish in another place.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal makes your work perfect and best by collaborating your works or documents with others online. It is popular among the students and workers as it is very convenient and comes with many features. The best part is it comes with 1TB secured cloud storage where your files are much safe and secured. It also comes with technical support from Microsoft experts. Some of the features of Office 365 Personal are as follows.

  • Collaboration: Multiple users can work and edit at the same document at one time. One can even see the changes they are making in the document.
  • Chat with Users through Skype: You can continue to chat through Skype leaving the documents unattended and continue to work on it again without worrying about getting it deleted or edited.
  • Linking Files: It means you can link files instead of attaching them. You just have to upload the file in the cloud, then open outlook in the cloud and finally link the file.
  • Easy to switch between personal and business accounts on Android: The Android has a great app called the OneDrive where it is very easy and convenient for the users to switch between the accounts.
  • Turning Notes into calendars: Write a list and then permute it to task with reminders and deadlines in the calendar. You can easily add details of meeting like location, date, notes and mail it to your team.
  • Bing suggestions of images: Microsoft has come with software that has joined with Sway, a cloud presentation that will automatically suggest image according to your words in the presentation. It will automatically update and add or edit according to your words.
  • Converting scribbling into Text and Drawings: When you write something in OneNote, it will automatically convert into text and drawings. You can then edit or add later.
  • Inbox can automatically De-Clutter: Mark messages as clutter, and it will automatically move less important messages to clutter folder.

There have been situations where we have been included in emails where it is not necessary to reply. But with Office 365, those messages can be ignored using the ignore button and your mail folder will stop from receiving such messages. There were days when documents had to be signed and then scanned or faxed. Microsoft came up with automatic signature in the Outlook in which it electronically signs and emails documents and it can take signatures from others also.

In a PowerPoint presentation, one can use the mouse as the laser pointer. But for that, one must tell the PowerPoint to convert the icon to the red dot. This amazing feature is included in Office iPad in which you must hold the stylus down and you will get your red dot. The recent feature added in Excel is the Power Map. Its work is to convert data into images. It can also turn in to 3D map if data is geography. The supreme part is that it can easily negotiate the data into charts also.

The editing of PDF has also been made uncomplicated. It will convert in a word document and then you can change or edit. It comes along the features like editing, copying, and paste. You can either save the whole document in Word or only a part of it as a PDF or protect it with a password.

When subscribing to Office365Personal, Microsoft offers free skype calling international facility for 60 minutes free of cost along with OneDrive storage of 20 GB.

Office 365 can also access to the latest version of Windows desktop applications like the  Office 2016 and macOS: Mac 2016. But there are limitations for mobile apps like iOS and Android. Creation of document and basic editing has been allowed, but it will still require editing of advanced features. This application can be used only on larger screens or screens that are more than 10.1 inches. An innovative step that allows one to work and edit even in mobile phones anytime anywhere.

Office 365 has been creatively designed that can easily collaborate with departmental, organizational and team levels. The tools for collaboration include Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Yammer, SharePoint Online, Delve boards, and Outlook Online. Each tool serves its purpose greatly and is very useful in the life of the business. One has to choose the tool appropriately according to the needs of the team, project specifications, size and preference of the employees.

The security of Office 365 works with the ISO/IEC 27001 security standards. The European Union’s Data Protection has been signed through the Model clauses. The Trust Centre has also been introduced by Microsoft to contain personal and private information’s on its security practice and privacy policies for the services. So one can be free of stress as it offers great security of your information and company policies.

If you have plans to install Office 365 or purchase subscription, it is recommended to approach a reputed Microsoft certified dealer.