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What is Microsoft Office?

What is Microsoft Office?

Simply put, Microsoft Office is a collection or family of different office-related applications. Each of these applications is used to service every user in writing and calculating as well as creating presentations or any other type of work that a person needs in an office.
Statistics show that over a billion people use the Microsoft Office suite. These are not just individuals but also businesses. Indeed, no user would imagine working on a computer without these applications.

Brief History of Microsoft Office Versions

Office 1.0 was introduced in 1990 and it contained Word 1.1, PowerPoint 2.0 and Excel 2.0, only. Since then, this basic version has been updated 18 times in the past 28 years. There have been some new applications introduced and some old removed throughout the years but the first programs introduced (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) have remained present up until this very moment. The last Microsoft-Office version was updated on September 24th 2018. It runs on Windows 10 as well as Windows Server-2019 and it includes the following;









Operating on both Windows & MacOS, Microsoft Word is a word-processing program that above all has a commercial usage and it is considered to be Microsoft’s key product. Microsoft Excel, another key product, is a program used for production as well as editing and management of spreadsheets.

The last product of the top 3 Microsoft’s products is PowerPoint which is a program where you can create all kinds of presentations thus enabling you to communicate and project your ideas through images, graphics, videos, etc.

How To Install Your
Microsoft Office Suite

Install Your Microsoft Office Suite
Errors In Installment And Their Fixes

Possible Errors In
Installment And Their Fixes

Now that you have your suite installed, you can easily start using it. However, sometimes during the installation process, an error might appear. There are different types of errors that can occur while installing the Microsoft Office. If you get a message saying “Office-(64-bit or 32-bit) couldn’t-be-installed”, it means that you already have a Microsoft Office installed but the wrong version. There is a rule that you can’t mix the 64-bit with the 32-bit versions. The easiest thing to do in this case is to uninstall the old Office version from your computer and install the new one. This time, it can be either version, and it shouldn’t cause any problems.

Another one of the most common errors that occur while installing the Microsoft Office is the so-called “Microsoft-Office-Error-1935”. In order for you to fix this error, most importantly, you need to know what usually causes the error in the first place. One thing might be the antivirus installed in your computer – some antiviruses are set up in such a way that they block the installation of certain applications to protect the computer. Error 1935 might indicates that you are installing an old version of Microsoft Office or the files from this suite have been erased or deleted. If you see this message, you should also check your proxy, i.e. your Internet settings.

Now that you’ve located the problem, you need to fix it. To fix the Error 1935, you need to repair the Microsoft.NET Framework. There is a short and easy process to do this and it is the same for any version of Microsoft Office.

The first step is to hold on the Windows logo and then press the letter “R” on your keyboard. Next, you need to type cpl which will open the programs and features windows. Look for the Microsoft.NET Framework and select it, then click on the button “Uninstall” or “change”. There will be a “Continue” button to click to run repairing with administrator privileges.

You will get an option to choose from “Repair” and “Uninstall” buttons, where you need to choose Repair and this will launch a Setup Wizard. When the process is finished, just click on “Exit”. Once you have completed all these steps, you can install the Microsoft Office. In case you can’t repair the Microsoft.NET Framework, it might mean that it hasn’t been installed, so you would need to install it.


The Microsoft Office family is one of the most used collection of applications, so it is very important to know how to use it and of course, fix any possible issues or problems that might appear.

Here you can find all the instructions on how to install it and possibly fix the errors that appear, but for any bigger problems it would be the best to consult with a professional.

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